Absolute Concrete Products
By ParkStone Manufacturing, LLC

Integral Colors

Our Integral Colors are available in 16 colors and can be used in various densities  and combinations to achieve a wide range of colors. They are available in 6 lb. water soluble bags and 1 lb. mortar color bags.

Sealers, Stains, & Solvents

Our Sealers & Solvents are affordable and easy to use. Extend your working temperature with Cure & Seal and Dense Create and make your stamping look great with our Liquid Release.

Sealer and Stain Data Sheets


We offer a wide variety of concrete stamps to finish your pad with a special texture or pattern and create that just-right look.

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Epoxy Coatings

Our wide variety of epoxy coatings offer properties suited to your demanding requirements.

Epoxy Literature & Data Sheets

Concrete Repair

Our Concrete Repair products are designed to use with Acrylic Activator. Whether a thin repair surface or a thicker overlay with a new stamped pattern, our Concrete Repair products are affordable and attractive.


Use colored concrete in your next home to make it distinctive and increase its curb appeal.


Do you have concrete with a damaged surface? A thin overlay of colored concrete is easier, safer, and more beautiful than you may expect.


Whether a driveway, patio, or sidewalk, colored concrete lets you customize the look of your home.


Our unique packaging and blending help you get a consistent custom color more easily and affordably than other methods.


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